We offer specialised services in:

Pressure Testing
Pressure Testing   Quality assured hydrostatic testing Those working in the oil and gas and mining industries know the importance of durable piping and tubing systems. Find leaks and test your system’s durability with hydrostatic pressure testing from Process Chemicals. Process Chemicals is a WA company that offers specialised piping services for the growing needs of industry. We provide a turnkey service for your site’s hydrotesting requirements; from the setting up of piping test systems to the reinstatement and punch listing of.
Piping Test Pack Design and Management
Process Chemicals will work closely and integrated with our clients to identify and develop test packs required for tender packages.
Pipeline Testing
Pipeline Testing Pipeline testing has been used for many years to determine the durability of a pipeline system. Using the right equipment and proper procedures, you’ll be able to determine any existing flaws. Process Chemicals has assisted the pipeline industry since its establishment in 1975. With our knowledge and experience, we can provide several important aspects to your project including rapid completion and practical cost completion. Contact us today to request a quote. Our pipeline services include: • Cleaning •.
Chemical Cleaning
Chemical Cleaning   Expert boiler cleaning and pipeline chemical cleaning solutions Piping and vessels may contain unwanted debris and contaminants. If you’re looking for a safe and effective method to clean the surfaces and walls of your pipeline and vessels, chemical cleaning is a proven effective method. Process Chemicals has forged a strong association with the mining and oil & gas industry, providing excellent pipe cleaning services. We’re one of the most experienced and qualified specialised onsite chemical cleaning.