Process Chemicals Hot Oil Flushing service provides the client with hot oil, high velocity, high pressure flushing which removes residual construction contamination in found in new piping systems or naturally occurring contamination in existing operating systems.

The Hot Oil Flushing operates on the principle of turbulent flow, which flushes the piping systems, strains and purifies the oil.

When performing the piping system flush, velocities required to reach turbulent flow may create too high a pressure or cause damage to system components such as valves and actuators to withstand. Our engineering expertise and experienced technicians can determine in advance where these sites exist and develop flow paths and eliminate  critical components from the flushing process.

This development and preparation is an integral part of the flushing service.

These procedures require the understanding and skills of a trained technicians to ensure that significant damages do not occur to your piping systems or critical components during the flushing process.

During the current Gorgon LNG Project Process Chemicals conducted a total of 111 key system hot oil flushes including, Power Generation Turbines, Compressors Turbines, Hot Oil Systems and Hydraulic Operating Systems.

Having a long history of conducting oil flushes throughout Australia and abroad has given us an edge by recognising and understanding a variety of vendor packages and systems and enabling us to react efficiently providing the right equipment and service.