Oil Flushing

Providing hot oil flush and fluid flushing services

Insoluble particles in piping systems can cause significant damage, which is why it’s important to remove particulates from these systems, even those of a microscopic size. Keep your piping systems at peak performance with oil flushing services from Process Chemicals.

Established in 1975, our qualified technical support staff, supervisors and technicians have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to oil and pipe flushing. We’re able to respond effectively and efficiently to industry demands. Our goal is to perform our services with the best performance and quality. Contact us today for more information on our oil and fluid flushing services.

Meeting all pipe flushing standards

If piping systems are not kept clean, a variety of problems will likely arise. As residue and contaminants build up, they can become blocked or damaged. Without proper oil flushing, wear and tear can go from a little nagging problem to a big, expensive issue. Hydraulic or lubrication systems can be shut down due to too much debris in the gear and equipment, which can cause your company valuable downtime.

Process Chemicals’ hot oil and pipe flushing methods remove residual construction contamination found in new piping systems, or naturally occurring contamination in existing operating systems.

Oil flushing procedure

Oil and fluid flushing is a clean fluid circulation process designed to remove water, contaminants and particulate matter (not fixed to surface) resulting from construction, normal ingression, internal generation or component wear.

Flushing can be useful in many different circumstances:

·         For new or rebuilt machines or components to remove contamination resulting from manufacture, service or overhaul.

·         Contamination due to dirty assembling elements, corroded surfaces, water, oxidation products and incompatible elastomers such as seals, sealants and coatings. Also, during the assembly, dirt is ingested and debris is generated due to threading, joining, welding etc.

·         In-service machinery after an oil change due to heavy fluid contamination, component failure, extremely degraded lubricant (oxidation), or if a system flushing has not been performed in the past three years.

Our oil flushing equipment range allows us to cover the broad field of machinery and components that require this procedure:

  •          Turbine lube oil and seal oil piping
  •          Hydraulic component supply and return piping
  •          Ball mill drive components
  •          Gear boxes
  •          Engines
  •          Heat exchangers
  •          Subsea control fluid flushing
  •          Oil purification and filtration

Why choose us?

Process Chemicals has the personnel and equipment to provide field technical service and advice on your oil and fluid flushing requirements.

Our long history of conducting oil flushes throughout Australia and abroad, has given us an edge, allowing us to recognise and understand a variety of vendor packages and systems, enabling us to react with the right equipment and service.