Pipeline Testing

Pipeline testing has been used for many years to determine the durability of a pipeline system. Using the right equipment and proper procedures, you’ll be able to determine any existing flaws.
Process Chemicals has assisted the pipeline industry since its establishment in 1975. With our knowledge and experience, we can provide several important aspects to your project including rapid completion and practical cost completion. Contact us today to request a quote.

Our pipeline services include:

• Cleaning
• Filling
• Gauging
• Hydrostatic pressure testing
• Pipeline dewatering
• Drying
• N2 purging
• Chemical cleaning
• Hydrotest chemical treatment and supply
• Design, fabrication and supply of HP test headers and LP pigging headers

Pipeline testing standards

Our hydrostatic pressure testing service meets with the requirements of AS2885.5 Pipeline – Gas and Liquid Petroleum, DNV-OS-F101 Submarine Pipeline Systems, AS2566.2 Buried Flexible Pipelines to cover the following pipeline variations:

• Cross Country Buried and Exposed Steel Pipelines
• Offshore Submarine Pipelines
• Subsea Flowline and Production Spooling
• Horizontal Directional Drilled Pipelines
• Buried Flexible Pipelines (HDPE, PE and GRE Pipelines)
• Facility Piping Installations

Our line of onshore and offshore ready Hydrostatic Testing Instrumentation and Pressurising Equipment allows us to provide pipeline contractors with a customised solution. This will ensure the pipeline is free from major defects and leaks, in accordance with all project specifications, standards and statutory regulations.

Why choose us?

We employ a dedicated team of pipeline service technicians and equipment for hydrotesting pipelines of any size.
Process Chemicals maintains a large inventory of high-pressure positive displacement test pumps, fill pumps, break tanks and desiccant air dryers, and has the experienced personnel to operate them efficiently and safely.