Process Chemicals provide a complete turnkey pipeline hydrotesting service that meets with the requirements of AS2885.5 Pipeline – Gas and Liquid Petroleum, DNV-OS-F101 Submarine Pipeline Systems, AS2566.2 Buried Flexible Pipelines and ASME B31.11 Slurry Transportation Pipelines.

Process Chemicals have the trained, skilled and experienced personnel to provide field technical service, consultation and management of all pipeline precommissioning activities.

Our Pipeline Services covers the testing of the following Pipelines:

  • Cross Country Buried and Exposed High Pressure Steel Pipelines
  • Cross Country Water and Slurry Pipelines
  • Buried Flexible Pipelines (HDPE, PE, GRE and GRP)
  • Offshore Submarine Pipelines
  • Horizontal Directional Drilled Pipelines (Shore to Offshore and River Crossings)
  • Pipeline Pre-tests and Facilities Piping
  • Project Management, Test Plan Development and Consulting

Process Chemicals has a line of Hydrostatic Testing Instrumentation and Pressurising Equipment, to provide the pipeline contractor with a customised solution for the definitive identification of a leak free pipeline in accordance with all project specifications, standards and statutory regulations, throughout Australia and Abroad.

We have a wide range of Temporary Certified Test Headers and Low Pressure Pig Launching Headers to carry out Precleaning, Gauging Operations for all varieties of pipelines and for pigging trials to subsea manifolds.

In conjunction with pipeline cleaning and filling we have the capacity to internally gauge pipelines for the identification of dents or buckles using Bi-Directional Pigs Fitted with a gauge plate.

We can provide a complete pumping packages for flooding of pipelines from Dams, Water Pipelines, Bore Fields and Sea Based Barges for high head use or volume scale arrangements.

We have a range of lift and fill pumps ready for operation at short notice and can provide the design criteria together with experienced operators to satisfy client’s needs.

We can provide all necessary Air for the pigging, floatation and dewatering requirements of project criteria.

We have a large range of High Flow Desiccant Air Dryers and Vacuum Drying packages to suit the smallest of pipelines to the largest.

Process Chemicals can supply a range of Hydrotest Chemicals developed to:

  • Combat oxidisation and biological effects from sour/bore water and sea water supplies
  • Provide stable environment for wet storage situations
  • Dye Test medium for ROV Subsea Leak Identification

Our Pipeline and Associated Services include:

  • Procedures, Test Plans and Quality Documentation
  • Design & Fabrication of HP Test Headers and LP Pigging Headers
  • Pigging – Pre-Cleaning and Drying
  • Pipeline Gauging
  • Filling and Flooding
  • Chemical Supply and Treatment
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing – Strength and Leak
  • Dewatering and Air Drying
  • Nitrogen Purging
  • NATA Test Reporting and MDR Development

Process Chemicals can provide all necessary Management, Labour, Equipment, Design and Quality Documentation to perform all aspects of pipeline pre-commissioning and hydrostatic pressure testing.