Process Chemicals are able to provide a total turnkey service for site hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure testing requirements from the setting up of piping test systems to the reinstatement and punch listing of complete piping systems

All pressure testing and certification that is carried out is done within our quality assurance guidelines and NATA regulations, to ensure that our Reports, MDR’s and Procedures meet the highest possible standards and project credentials.

Associated with the pressure testing Process Chemicals have the capability and equipment to provide the required supplementary project services such as:

  • High Flow water flushing
  • Line Pigging
  • N2 Helium Leak Testing
  • N2 and Air Purging
  • Desiccant Air and Vacuum Drying
  • High Pressure Water Blasting
  • Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning and Torquing

Our qualified and experienced test supervisors and technicians are fully capable of managing and conducting this potentially hazardous aspect of the work and are well trained to carry out all pressure testing and supplementary works.

With the addition of the supplementary services Process Chemicals is able to offer the client an experienced team, relatively unassisted to take the piping systems from mechanically complete to piping system hand overs with the one crew, thus greatly reducing time and costs associated with managing several sub contractors