Our laboratory located at our premises in Henderson WA, is equipped to accurately calibrate pressure measuring devices and pressure relief / safety valves.

The importance of a properly calibrated pressure equipment cannot be understated. Not only does it give you the most accurate reading possible, but a properly calibrated pressure equipment can also reduce the risk of hazardous incidents, as it will identify pressure readings that are too high or too low.

We carry out pressure calibration on most makes of test and industrial Analogue Pressure Gauges and Digital Test Gauges and Transducers up to 120MPa in all equivalent pressure units with low uncertainties.

We perform relief Valve Testing on spring loaded standard relief valves with flanged connections up to 8” 600# and threaded connections up to 2”.

Our standard calibration and testing turnaround times start from 5 working days, or faster by arrangement, to minimise delay and disruption to your business.