Process Chemicals provides a range of Hydrotest chemicals developed to:
  • Combat oxidisation and biological effects from potable and seawater supplies
  • Provide a stable environment for West Storage solutions
  • Protect Stainless Steel and Corrosion Resistant Alloys during testing
We also Supply chemicals for to the testing and load out of Subsea Spooling.
  • Filtered MEG
  • Dyes for subsea leak Identification

Our technical support staff can provide all the necessary chemical identification and technical information for Hydrotest Chemical dosing requirements and we can provide dosing equipment, pumps and qualified personnel to conduct any filling operation.

Please visit our partner company Challenge Chemicals Australia website for more information on our chemical production and sales services.

Challenge Chemicals Australia (CCA) is a leading West Australian based chemical manufacturer, with experience in manufacturing dating back to 1975. That’s over 40 years in manufacturing experience. Starting off with a handful of employees we have grown and developed our business to where we are now a major supplier to the mining, transport, marine and general industrial sectors along with the hospitality, healthcare, textile, food processing and water treatment industries. We also manufacture specialty chemicals sold under brand names suppling products all over Australia and overseas.

Our company was founded on the mantra of “Service with Products of Technology” and today this is still the corner stone of our company’s philosophy.

Our focus is on developing and testing products and equipment while providing our customers with outstanding service and safety.