Process Chemicals is one of the most experienced and qualified specialised onsite chemical cleaning companies in Australia, with more than 30 years of industrial chemical cleaning practice, ranging from Boilers and Heat Exchanges to Heating and Cooling Water Systems and Pipelines.

In recent years we have developed a specific onsite cleaning and passivation method for Corrosion Resistant Alloys and other exotic metals, to deal with the increasing desalination market.

Our dedicated team continues to maintain the company’s edge over it competitors by working diligently and having a strong focus on service and value.

Our in house Chemist is able to tailor the right solution and develop a chemical cleaning program to suit your project cleaning needs, including:

  • Descaling
  • Degreasing
  • Pickling
  • Passivation
  • Alkali Washes

Recently Process Chemicals conducted the Hydrostatic Pressure Testing and Chemical Cleaning of the Adelaide Desalination Plant RO CRA Piping.

For this project our team developed new methods, obtained specialised licenses for the use and storage of Hydrofluoric and Nitric Acids, developed and conducted specialised training in the use of such hazardous chemicals, provided the customised equipment and conducted the works to the clients complete satisfaction.

Having the right people, the right technology and an uncompromised HS&E ethic Process Chemicals can deliver complete satisfaction to our clients across Australia and Abroad